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When it comes to dentures, Dr. Matt Kincaid of Kincaid Family Dental in Broken Arrow, OK, is a renowned authority. He has extensive experience helping patients restore their smiles with custom-fitted dentures that look and feel like natural teeth. 

What are Dentures?

Dentures, also known as false teeth or dental prostheses, are removable replacements for missing teeth and associated structures needed to restore full function and appearance to your mouth. Dentures come in two types—full dentures replace all the teeth on the upper or lower arch, while partial dentures fill any spaces left by missing teeth on either jaw. 


Why Choose Dentures?

Having missing teeth can cause speech impediments, difficulty chewing foods with texture and flavor, and an overall decline in oral health due to decay around the remaining natural teeth and gum disease from lack of proper cleaning without flossing. But modern denture technology has improved greatly over time, providing comfortable yet realistic-looking replacements that can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and boost your confidence. 


Dr. Matt Kincaid’s Approach to Dentures 

At Kincaid Family Dental in Broken Arrow, OK, Dr. Matt Kincaid understands the importance of having a beautiful smile that looks natural and feels comfortable–and he knows exactly how to get you there! He uses state-of-the-art techniques and years of experience to provide customized tooth replacement solutions for each patient’s needs. From start to finish, Dr. Kincaid will ensure you get the best care possible to enjoy your new smile for years! 


Services Provided by Dr. Matt Kincaid at Kincaid Family Dental 

At his practice in Broken Arrow, OK, Dr. Matt Kincaid offers a variety of services related to denture treatment: 


Comprehensive Examinations: Dr. Kincaid will thoroughly examine your current dental condition to properly evaluate your need for false teeth or partial plates. This exam includes taking X-rays of your jawbone structure and reviewing any medical history which may affect your treatment plan; this helps him determine what type of appliance is right for you—whether it be complete or partial dentures or even implant-supported options if appropriate.


Custom Impressions: Once he has determined what type of denture appliance would be best suited for you based on your needs and wants (including budget!), he will take impressions of both jaws so that he can create a “blueprint” from which the lab technicians can craft your perfect set.


Fabrication and Fitting: After creating the impressions taken from both jaws at his office visit, professional lab technicians will craft each piece using high-quality materials explicitly designed for longer wear life. Once completed, they will be returned to Dr. Kincaid’s office, where he will personally adjust them until they fit perfectly!


Insertion and Maintenance Plan: At this point, you should have a perfectly fitting set prepared! Dr. Kincaid will then guide you through inserting them correctly and teach you simple maintenance habits so that they stay clean, healthy, and last longer! 


Dentures in Broken Arrow, OK

Dr. Matt Kincaid believes everyone deserves access to quality dental care — including those considering getting false teeth — regardless of financial status or other barriers. To do this, he offers flexible financing plans so everyone can benefit from his expertise! Contact him today for more information about his payment options. 


Overall, replacing missing teeth with dental prostheses is an excellent way to return function, comfortability, and aesthetic qualities to one’s life when traditional treatments such as implants may not be an option. With years of experience and modern technology, Dr. Matt Kincaid at Kincaid Family Dental in Broken Arrow is ready to help give each patient their desired results!